Kalibrasi Temperatur Sensor with Display Unit or Thermometer Digital

17 Nov 15
Kata termometer berasal dari bahasa Latin yaitu thermo yang berarti panas dan meter yang berarti untuk mengukur. Jadi thermometer ialah sebuah alat yang memiliki fungsi memberikan informasi mengenai derajat suhu atau panas ...

How to Request Proficiency Test

13 Oct 15
For those of you who want to book with us doing proficiency testing program that fits the needs of your laboratory. You can see the commodity and proficiency testing schemes are ...

How Registration to Proficiency Test

13 Oct 15
For those of you who want to participate in proficiency testing programs that we open to the public. You can see the schedule of proficiency testing, and the availability of proficiency ...

Abous Us

13 Oct 15
Existence BMD Street Group as provider  training and consulting services laboratory since 2007. Get a full appreciation from our customers until today. Currently we already serve more than 1000 organizations in ...

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11 Oct 15
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