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Calibration LaboratoryAccreditation ISO/IEC 17025:2017

Born as a leading Training and Consulting Company, BMD Group present to answer the global challenges and standardization of industrialization in Indonesia. This inspires us to build a Calibration Laboratory with a Quality Assurance System and ISO/IEC 17025 accreditation as parameter of capability and competence.

Industrial Services

We support Calibration of measuring instruments for all sectors with high accuracy, fast response, flexible cost and competent teams.

Hospital and Medical Services

To support health services based on national and international standards, we provide Calibration of medical and health equipment

One Days Services

We provide One-Day Services Completed. Start from register, process of calibration, until issue certificate of result on the same day

Calibration Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Equipment Calibration - Kalibrasi peralatan dan instrument laboratorium sangat…

Calibration Electrical & Frequency

Electrical and Frequency Calibration (Kalibrasi Kelistrikan dan Frekuensi) - Kalibrasi…

Calibration Mass (Weight set & Balance)

Calibration of Mass (Timbangan & Anak Timbangan) - Kalibrasi timbangan…

Calibration Pressure and Force

Calibration Pressure & Force ( Tekanan dan Gaya) - Pemanfaatan…

Calibration Temperature (Suhu)

Calibration of Temperature (Kalibrasi Suhu) - Kalibrasi Suhu, pemanfaatan suhu…

Calibration Volumetric & Glassware

Calibration of Volumetric & Glassware - Jasa Kalibrasi Alat Volume…


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    More than 10 years of experience, in indonesia

    with long experience, we are very understanding and understand the customer's needs. We have provided various education solutions and programs to help customers improve the quality of their products and human resources

    Oil Gas and Petrochemical Industry
    Laboratory Testing
    Construction & Building
    Food and Beverage

    Ardian, ST

    PT. Pertamina Hulu Kalimantan Timur

    Services on BMD The Best Quality, start to provide training, consultant and calibration

    Uus Sujana, SE, MM

    PT. Pama Persada

    Performance BMD excellent, staff competent, care, respect and friendly

    Portofolio news

    See experience company in our blog

    Many achievements we have produced from the services we provide. Where this trust comes from our customers who come from Sabang to Marauke Indonesia.

    Uji Profisiensi Air Permukaan II (APDS II) Parameter: Natrium, Kalium, Kalsium dan Amonium

    Oct 23,2015

    Alhamdulillah… setelah sebelumnya BMD Laboratory sukses menyelenggarakan Uji Profisiensi Air Permukaan I (APDS I) dengan parameter: Sulfat,

    Read more

    Uji Profisiensi Air Minum Dalam Kemasan I (AMDK I) Parameter: Nitrat, Sulfat dan Klorida

    Oct 23,2015

    Alhamdulillah… setelah sebelumnya BMD Laboratory sukses menyelenggarakan Uji Profisiensi Air Permukaan II (APDS II) dengan parameter:

    Read more

    Uji Profisiensi Air Limbah I Batch 2 (ALDS I) Parameter: Besi (Fe), Timbal (Pb), Tembaga (Cu), Daya Hantar Listrik (DHL)

    Oct 23,2015

    Alhamdulillah… BMD Laboratory telah sukses menyelenggarakan Uji Profisiensi di Semester I Tahun 2015 sebanyak 5

    Read more
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